Join us for our soft launch and stay tuned for exciting updates regarding our operating hours and menu selections.

Operating Hours

Please stay tuned for our next opening date.

Welcome to Magnolia Cafe, where we've perfected the art of blending two beloved classics - coffee and crepes - to create a culinary experience that will tantalize your taste buds and elevate your coffee shop expectations.

We believe that the key to a memorable cafe experience lies in the details - from the quality of our ingredients to the warmth of our service. Every visit to Magnolia Cafe is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a world where coffee and crepes unite to create a harmonious blend of flavors and memories.

Come join us at Magnolia Cafe, where coffee meets crepes, and where your senses will be awakened, your taste buds delighted, and your soul nourished. We can't wait to share our passion with you and make every visit a truly exceptional one. Visit us today and discover why we're not just a cafe; we're an experience.


Perfectly crafted double espresso, a moment of pure caffeinated bliss in every sip



Savor the allure of steamy, foamy perfection in every sip of our cappuccino.


Hot Coffee

Impeccably brewed hot coffee, a delightful pause in every comforting sip.

12oz - $3.5

16oz - $4


A harmonious blend of espresso and hot water that's sure to awaken your senses.

12oz - $4

16oz - $4.5

Cold Brew

Exquisitely chilled cold brew, a refreshing oasis in every invigorating sip.

12oz - $5

16oz - $5.5

Iced Americano

A frosty retreat in every revitalizing sip.

12oz - $4

16oz - $4.5


Silky smooth latte, a creamy delight in every comforting sip.

12oz - $4.5

16oz - $5

Iced Latte

Silky iced latte, a frosty embrace in every creamy sip.

12oz - $5

16oz - $5.5


Indulgently rich mocha, a decadent treat in every velvety sip.

12oz - $5

16oz - $5.5

Iced Mocha

Frosty iced mocha, a chilled sensation in every decadent sip.

12oz - $5.5

16oz - $6

Flavor Syrups

Vanilla ◆ Sugar Free Vanilla ◆ Cinnamon ◆ Peppermint ◆ Caramel ◆ Hazelnut ◆ Almond - $1

Other Beverages

Coca-Cola of Mexico - $4
Juice - Orange Pineapple, Apple, Concord Grape - $2
La Colombe Cold Brew - Mocha, Triple, Vanilla - $4
Organic Reduced Fat Chocolate Milk - $2.5
Unsweetened Black Tea - $3
Colombian Cold Brew Coffee - $3

Sweet Crepes



Nutella Banana


Savory Crepes - Coming Soon!

We are looking forward to your visit – your presence would make our day!

2221 N Lincoln Ave